Cardboard ONLY

After lengthy discussion, the City of Farmington has decided to remove the remaining public cardboard drop-off bins. On June 16, 2023, the seven remaining bins located near the Maintenance Facility will no longer be available. Despite adding an additional bin to this location, providing service every weekday, and posting notices of proper use, the site has continued to experience litter around the bins. Using addresses taken off of the materials laying outside the bins, we determined that about 40% of the debris originated outside the City of Farmington, despite this service being reserved for Farmington residents. As a result, we have decided to permanently remove the cardboard bins.

Here are other ways to dispose of your excess cardboard:

Excess cardboard flattened, neatly bundled, and placed next to the bin for pickup.
  • Curbside recycling is weekly throughout Farmington, and cardboard is accepted in curbside bins. Excess cardboard can be flattened, neatly bundled, and placed next to the bin for pickup (if cardboard is bundled as shown in the picture, there will be no charge for pickup; if cardboard is piled high or scattered, the customer can expect to incur additional charges from DSI).

  • Recycle Minnesota in Lakeville and The Recycling Zone in Eagan accept cardboard free of charge.

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