Water Efficiency Rebates

Water Efficiency Rebate Grant
The City of Farmington is now accepting applications for the Water Efficiency Rebate Program. To encourage water conservation, the program is funded, in part, by a grant from the Metropolitan Council to Metropolitan Councilestablish a program to reduce municipal water use in both residential andEnergy Star commercial properties within the city. The program offers rebates to water customers who replace old, inefficient toilets, washing machines and irrigation systems with WaterSense® and Energy Star® certified appliances and equipment to help conserve water and reduce utility bills.

Rebate Program
As a result of this grant funding the City of Farmington is offering rebates to residents who replace existing devices with specified water efficient devices. Rebate funds are limited and will be issued to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until June 30, 2022 or until fund are exhausted, whichever comes first. Rebates will be in the form of a credit on the resident’s utility bill.

Rebates are offered for 50% of the pre-tax purchase price of the following items:

  • WaterSense® toilets up to $50
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  • Energy Star® washing machines up to $200

  • WaterSense® irrigation controllers up to $150

  • WaterSense® sprinkler head replacement up to $10 per unit with a max of $150 

Property owners should look for the WaterSense® or Energy Star® certification from the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

  • Click here for a list of WaterSense toilets or irrigation controllers

  • Click here for a list of DOE Energy Star washing machines

Click here for additional information on the Met Council grant program.

What qualifies for a rebate?

  • The rebate program is available to property owners who areClean Water Land and Legacy Amendment Logo connected to the City of Farmington water supply system.

  • Eligible expenses for the rebate include the out-of-pocket cost of the replacement device. Taxes are not eligible.

  • The new devices must meet the EPA WaterSense® or Energy Star® certification.

  • Devices must be purchased between Jan. 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022 (or until funds are depleted).

  • New construction and new development are ineligible as the grant program is intended as a replacement program of existing inefficient water devices.

How do I apply for a rebate?
Rebates will be processed in the order they are received until funds are exhausted. To apply for a rebate please submit the following:

  1. Rebate Application Form

  2. Receipt of purchase. The receipt must clearly show:

    • Date of purchase

    • Vendor the item was purchased from

    • Product Information (SKU &/or Model name)

    • Payment method

Rebate applications and receipts can be submitted the following ways:

  1. Email: [email protected]

  2. Mail to:
    City of Farmington
    430 Third Street
    Farmington, MN 55024
    ATTN: Water Rebates

Once an application is received, it will be reviewed to ensure the installed devices meet the criteria for the rebate and adequate purchase documentation is provided. You may be selected for inspection in order to verify products have been installed. Rebates will be issued as a credit on the next water bill following approval of an application.  


  1. Who is eligible for the water efficiency rebates?
    City of Farmington water utility customers with non-delinquent accounts are eligible. Well water users are not eligible because they are not connected to the public water supply.

  2. Is there a limit to the number of rebates per address?
    No, at this time there is no maximum number of rebates per address. The city may impose a maximum in the future.

  3. Are multi-unit complexes eligible for the water efficiency rebate program?
    Yes, any property connected to the city’s water supply system is eligible for the water efficiency rebate.

  4. I just installed a qualifying product in 2019, am I eligible for the water efficiency rebate?
    No. Only qualifying purchases made on or after January 1, 2020 are eligible for the rebate provided they have been installed in a qualifying location.

  5. What documentation is required to receive the Water Efficiency Rebate?
    Receipts must be provided along with the completed and signed application. The receipt must clearly identify the model, date of purchase and reflect the payment method.

  6. When will I receive my rebate?
    Assuming grant funds are available, rebates will be processed as applications are received, and if approved, rebate will be issued as credits to water utility customers on their next water bill.

  7. What permits might be required?
    Permits are not needed for any of the replacement devices as long as they are re-installed in the same location, however, full remodeling projects do require permits. If you have questions regarding permit requirements, please call the Building Division at 651-280-6840 or check the Building Division webpage.

  8. How do I know if funds are available?
    Even if funds are available at the time of purchase, they may be exhausted by the time you submit your paperwork for approval. There is no guarantee that funding will be available, although as funding gets closer to being depleted, the website will be updated more frequently. Residents can always call the city to verify that funds are still available. Please call Public Works at 651-280-6840.

  9. Can I get a rebate for the devices in my new home?
    No. This rebate is only good for the replacement of existing items and not intended for new construction.
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