Hydrant Flushing

The city flushes approximately 1,250 fire hydrants once in April and once in October. During normal operations of a water system, naturally occurring elements and minerals can settle in the water lines and solidify potentially impacting the operation of the system. Flushing hydrants regularly ensures the water lines stay clean for years to come.    

During hydrant flushing, it is not unusual for residents to periodically experience discolored water, pressure changes, and/or an increased chlorine odor. The change in water flow patterns that occurs during hydrant flushing may stir up mineral deposits in city water mains. The iron or sediment present in the water is not a health issue, but it may impact the aesthetic quality (taste, odor, color) of the water.  

If discolored water is present, residents may correct the problem by opening all cold-water faucets and allowing them to run until the water clears. Residents are also encouraged to check the color of their water prior to doing laundry. Discolored water may stain clothes, particularly whites. If laundry stains occur, keep the items damp until you are able to use a rust remover. Rust remover is available at Farmington City Hall, 430 Third St.

2023 hydrant flushing map

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