Drug Evaluator (DRE)

Driving While Impaired has been and continues to be a significant problem in Dakota County and the problem is not limited to alcohol impairment.  Drug Recognition Evaluators are officers that are specially trained to detect and identify drug impaired drivers.  If a patrol officer stops a driver and suspects impairment but rules out alcohol as the cause, they have the ability to contact a DRE and have the driver examined for drug impairment.

DREs go through an initial three week course of classroom training followed by another couple of weeks of practical exercises, identifying drug impairment in the field.  If the officer successfully passes the training, they will be certified as a DRE.  DREs have to recertify annually by conducting accurate assessments in front of a certified DRE Instructor.

The Farmington Police Department enthusiastically supports the DRE mission and we currently have four certified DREs on staff.

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