Storm Drain Stenciling

Storm drains are the grated openings in the street which collect water from rain and melting snow. They connect your property directly to nearby water bodies. Everything that washes down a storm drain winds up in local lakes, ponds, or wetlands - NOT the wastewater treatment facility.

That’s why residents volunteer their time to stencil storm drains.

What You Can Do:

  • Sign up to stencil storm drains in your neighborhood.
  • Use zero-phosphorus fertilizer - it’s the law - and follow proper application procedures. Sweep spilled fertilizer off of paved surfaces. 
  • Avoid pesticides and other lawn chemicals or use them responsibly - keep them off of paved surfaces. 
  • Keep leaves and grass clippings out of the street - compost or bag them for disposal.
  • Keep your vehicle tuned up and clean up any oil leaks or spills from paved surfaces.
  • Wash your car at a carwash - not in the driveway or street.
  • Pick up pet waste.
  • Don’t litter.
  • Dispose of paint and other household hazardous waste properly - NEVER down a storm drain!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the city's Engineering Department at 651-280-6840.

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