EAB Signs and Symptoms

Is your tree infested?

Emerald ash borer is a small insect, that you won’t likely see before the symptoms of EAB are shown in your tree. It can take 3-5 years for symptoms to become noticeable on an infested ash tree.

Signs and Symptoms of EAB
  • Woodpecker activity/blonding: woodpeckers fleck off outer darker bark to reveal lighter bark beneath and create dime-sized holes while looking for larvae, this is also referred to as “blonding”
  • Bark splits: larvae tunneling under the bark cause it to split open on branches and trunks
  • Crown dieback: the larvae disrupt the flow of water and nutrients causing branches to die
  • Suckering shoots: ash trees can send out shoots when stressed from an EAB infestation
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