Zero21 Fire Prevention

The Farmington Fire Department has seen an alarming amount of residential fires so far in 2021. Including one fire that caused injuries. They have kicked off a new fire prevention campaign called Zero '21 to prevent any other home fires for the rest of the year and beyond. Follow along as we release videos and tips each week.

Kick off video - Zero '21 Fire Prevention Campaign

Week 1 video - Smoke Alarms

Week 2 tip - Illegal firework aftermath

Week 3 video - Kitchen Fires

Week 4 tip - State Fire Marshal's Careless Smoking video.

Week 5 video - Careless Smoking

Week 6 tip - July Farmington Fire Calls

Week 7 video - Ash Disposal

Week 8 video - Electrical Safety

Week 9 video - Grilling

Week 10 video - August Farmington Fire Calls

Week 11 video - Home Fire Escape Planning - Fire Escape Grid

Week 12 tip - State Fire Marshal's Carbon Monoxide Poisoning video.

Week 13 video - Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Week 14 Zero21 House Fire Update - The Farmington Fire Department is sad to announce Farmington's 109-day streak without any house fires was broken. On Sunday afternoon firefighters responded to a fire on the exterior of an attached garage. Luckily for the family that lived here, a passerby noticed the fire and immediately acted. Many of the fires they respond to are VERY VERY easy to prevent. The cause of this fire was from dumping ashes from a recreational fire the night before into a trash receptacle. Just before this fire call, firefighters were finishing up with a large brush fire likely caused by carelessly discarded smoking materials. Please help them keep you safe by following the #Zero21 fire prevention tips. We are going to do our best to get important fire safety tips out to everyone so we don’t have anymore fires in 2021!

Week 14 - Clothes Dryer Fire Fact Sheet

Week 15 - September Farmington Fire Calls 

Week 16 - Portable Space Heaters

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