Farmington, Minnesota

Photo by Jason Jensen

Water Tower Project

Water Tower Project
Posted on 03/14/2019
Water Tower ProjectProject Overview
Those that drive by the municipal campus on Pilot Knob and 195th Street have definitely noticed that the exterior of the water tower is taking a rustier hue these days. The tower was built in 1998 and the coating has reached its life expectancy. The city plans to recondition the tower this summer that includes updates inside to bring the tower in compliance with today’s safety standards as well as a fresh coat of paint sporting a new design. 

The project is anticipated to take 12-15 weeks and will be weather dependent. The contractor plans to start mid to late April pending seasonal temperatures.

April 18, 2019:
 After a pause in work due to the weather last week, the contractor began mobilizing to the site including arrival of the air handling equipment for the containment system.  Initially they will be concentrating on steel repairs and getting ready to install the containment structure around the tank.

March 19, 2019: Prior to construction, the cellular companies that utilize the tower for their antennas will need to temporary relocate them adjacent to the tower. This work has started and is anticipated to be completed by the beginning of April.