Farmington, Minnesota

Photo by Jason Jensen

Fall Irrigation

Water Conservation
Posted on 07/18/2018
The city of Farmington is providing a cost share opportunity for Farmington residents to upgrade to an EPA WaterSense irrigation system.

“Fall is the perfect time to switch out your old irrigation controller for a new smart irrigation controller,” said Tom Hoffman, Public Works Project Coordinator. 

Installing one of these controllers will help residents more efficiently water their lawns.  The controllers can read weather forecasts and know when it rains.  This will cause the system to skip watering events if there is already enough moisture in the soil.

The timing is perfect because irrigation systems are being prepared for the winter. Not only will the program help conserve and protect the city’s groundwater, but residents should see a decrease in the amount of water used on their utility bill.  The program will be offered through the end of the calendar year

For more information and to check eligibility, contact Hoffman at 651-280-6845.