Farmington, Minnesota

Photo by Jason Jensen

Water Conservation

Posted on 07/18/2018
Water ConservationThe City of Farmington is encouraging residents to save water by participating in two new programs.

“The majority of the city’s water is being used for irrigation and much of it is being wasted,” said Public Works Project Coordinator Tom Hoffman.

During the summer months, the city draws up to five times the amount of water as in the winter. It is a typical sight for staff to see irrigation systems running during rain events and find water pooling in yards. Outdated irrigation systems that are programmed to water on a schedule are one of the biggest culprits. 

To combat this problem, the city is providing a cost share program for Farmington residents to upgrade to a WaterSense irrigation system. This WaterSense system has soil moisture sensors that control when the lawn needs watering. This will cut the typical households watering by 7,900 gallons per year. This upgrade will only release water as needed and therefore, conserve the city’s water supply.

Another way to conserve water in your home is to install a water conservation kit created by Minnesota Energy. The kits will decrease the amount of energy and water that flows through faucets and showers. 

For more information about the water conservation programs, contact Hoffman at 651-280-6845.