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Spring Hydrant Flushing starts April 23

Spring Hydrant Flushing starts April 23
Posted on 04/06/2018
Spring Hydrant Flushing starts April  23Hydrants north of Highway 50 and west of the railroad tracks will be flushed April 23 through April 27. Hydrants in the remaining areas will be flushed April 30 through May 4. A tentative schedule is posted on the city website at 

Hydrant flushing moves water through the water lines at a fast enough rate to clean the lines, clear stagnant water, and ensure the water the city delivers to your home is of the highest quality. When hydrants are being flushed, workers are able to check for corrosion and leaks. Your water pressure may be low as flushing may lower the water pressure in the area being tested.

You may experience a temporary discoloration of water, which is due to the unsettling of rust in the water main. If you have rusty water, try running an outside faucet (without a hose attached) until the water runs clear. If laundry stains occur keep the items damp. Rust remover is available at city hall.

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